Will corsair gs 800w handle 2 x gtx570 in sli

hi i just put together a system
i7 950@ 3.7
ddr3 1600 6GB ram
rampage 3 extreme mobo

i want to know if this psu able to handle my system with 2 570 running in sli.. any suggestion or advice is welcome. thanks!
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  1. Looking at these numbers http://www.anandtech.com/show/4051/nvidias-geforce-gtx-570-filling-in-the-gaps/15 it should not even reach much more than 750Watts total system load running Furmark and a lot less under gaming load.
  2. GTX570SLI,

    I run the same cpu/ram/videocards. I'm pretty sure that 800 watts is enough for your system. However, please take into account the possibility of you OCing the CPU later on, and add 25% more wattage needed over a 5-year period for capacitor degregation.

    You might want to consider 850 watt just to be on the safe side.
  3. Dadiggle,

    Damn! I knew I forgot something!

    I need more beer, clearly.....
  4. The Corsair HX-850 would be a good choice ..... but the XFX Black Edition ($110) is loads cheaper as is the CP-850 ($120). All 3 are comparable quality; the CP_850 is quieter but you need a compatible Antec case to use it.

    nVidia lists the Corsaire AX-750, HX-750 and TX-750 being OK for SLI on twin 470's so that should make them OK for the 570's (not listed yet) but I wouldn't use a TX series on a overclocked box w/ twin video cards and would prefer the headroom offered by the 850's
  5. yeah i just return my corsair 800 back to compusa. 15% restocking fee. i feel like i just got robbed but whatever. i will never shop there again. went to frys and pick up Antec TruePower Quattro TPQ-1000 1000W ATX Continuous Power Power Supply. anyone have any idea how good this psu at running sli 570.
  6. Quote:
    Antec swop the OEM with that series not decided to go with Fsp or Seasonic. The 850w model of that psu it had dangerous voltage outputs and its not advised if your running power hungry gpus or overclocking using it.

    you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. like in almost every other post you make. being wrong once or twice is fine (weve all been wrong) but you spout uninformed crap in every post...

    now back to topic. the gs800 was plenty, and even though you have the most efficiency at 40-60% load, but that 0.5% efficiency difference isnt worth getting a different psu for.

    however, the antec is a perfectly good psu, even though they do seem to have slightly higher than normal with the tpq series
  7. listen to me here.

    sure, the antec isnt the best theyve ever made, but its still a fine psu.

    and the ripple/voltage regulation is plenty fine!
  8. um...lol..."would you use such a unit on your 2000usd equipemt after reading such a reivew?"

    of course i would!

    i get what youre saying, and yes there are many better power supplies out there, but dont pull the "would you trust your pc to this psu" bs, because you could say the same to everyone who has a junk raidmax, coolmax, diablotek pos junk.
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