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Hey there, i have just bought an MSI GTX 460 1GB Cyclone a day ago, and after playing newer games like bad company 2 and gta 4, the games freeze like this

The squares are in different colors sometimes, usually white... It is getting REALLY annoying, sometimes i even get a Blue Screen of Death.
Anyone knows what might be causing the problem? My drivers are up to date, my psu is 620W and the card is connected with 2 6pin connectors...
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  1. Are The drivers up to date per the Nvidia site. Just making sure.

    What PSU do you have? I would think most any 620w with 2 connectors would be sufficient.

    It could be a card issue. I've troubleshoot this using OCCT already and running the GPU test with Error checking.
  2. Thanks for the answer,I'll try running occt now.
  3. I just wanted to make sure they were up to date per the Nvidia site, not card vendor. IE. EVGA, ASUS. Many times they are behind.
  4. Just checked, they are up to date.
  5. My pc is flashing and generating random colors all over the screen while running occt.
  6. I would try OCCT and run the test with Error checking on. I identified an issue with my last card with this. It was driving me nuts.
  7. I'v received some graphs when the error checking finished, what should i do now?
  8. If you check the error checking there will be an error count in the top left corner. Did it say anything besides "0"? Also did you see any artifacts on the screen? They keep the same image so they are easier to see.
  9. It said around 2200 errors, there were artifacts on the screen.
    I have overclocked my card from 715-850, memory from 1300-2200, could that be the cause?
  10. Ognjen91 said:
    It said around 2200 errors, there were artifacts on the screen.
    I have overclocked my card from 715-850, memory from 1300-2200, could that be the cause?

    Yup. Clock it to stock and run the test again. Make sure there are no errors at stock speeds.

    You will probably have to increase your voltages to get the 850MHz speeds. Are you sure that is your memory speed or you Shader clock? The stock memory clock is 900Mhz, or 3600Mhz effective (quad pumped).
  11. ^ lol yes. Overclocking, if unstable, will definitely cause artifacting and BSODs. Test the card at stock first, if it's fine then it's just a bad OC (you should research it a bit...). If it screws up at stock as well, tho, then you have to RMA it.
  12. The MSI GTX 460 Cyclone is one of the best overclocking cards you can find,it is running at 45 Celsius OCd, i'll try clocking it to stock and update my post with the results.
  13. Looks like its stable, for now.
  14. Just because it's "one of the best" OC cards doesn't mean you can just ramp it up and expect it to work. At stock volts every card has it's threshold, from the reviews I saw most 460s were around 800 maybe a bit more. Once you get up to there you'll have to go slower and check for stability (artifacts) - if there are any then it needs more voltage. Needing more voltage is a core part of OCing. If the card is "one of the best" at OCing, it's probably because it can add voltage and keeps good temps. It doesn't mean it'll just hit a high OC without breaking a sweat as you've now experienced. Memory OCing is a bit different than core OCing, and chances are you can't adjust the memory voltage so it'll be limited too.
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