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Hello All,

Today i made a great mistake. i have two identical 160 GB hard disk of Seagate. Windows 7 was installed on Disk-1 and in Disk-2 there were some less important files. As windows was corrupted in Disk-1, i, by mistake delete the partition of Disk-1 and formatted and i installed a fresh copy of windows 7 on it instead of Disk-2. I had a lot of images of sweet memories in Disk-1. How to recover those files.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try free partition recovery first, and if that doesn't cut it, use "paid for" partition recovery software.

    Free one here:
  2. Here is paid partition recovery software named Vimx Partition Recovery, which specializes in process different partition recovery problem, such as the deleted partition recovery problem, the formatted partition recovery problem and even the corrupted partition recovery problem.
    Note for you
    You should not put new data on this the drive that the deleted partition belongs to in case that the new data will rewrite the original data.
    You should back up your data regularly in the future.
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