Dell Optilpex 755 DT Power Supply Upgrade

Hi! I have a Dell Optiplex 755 DeskTop with the 280 power supply. I have a 500gb hard drive and 4 gb of memory with Windows XP SP3. So the only thing left to upgrade in it is the video graphics. But to do so I need to first upgrade the power supply.

I am want to install a GeForce 9800 GT or the GTX 460 video card in it. To do so I first need to install a larger power supply. Any recommendations what power supply would work in this desktop? I'm looking to get it ready to give to someone going off to college.

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  1. Uses a proprietary psu, no upgrades available.
  2. Thanks for replying. Is this only for the Desktop models?
  3. Dell's desktop often use a propreitary PSU.

    I looked it up this is the shape of your PSU:

    Normal PSU's are recutangluar not shaped like that. You would have to find a lower end video card to put in there. I doubt that PSU has any 6pin PCI-Express connectors (not to mention the low wattage) so you would be stuck with an ATI Radeon 5670 or a GT 430. But those video cards would probably put to much of a load on the PSU.
  4. Thanks. I figured I can at least put a Radeon 4350 with 512 mb which only uses 250W. Still it will be better than just depending on the system board for graphics.
  5. VisionTek makes a Radeon 4350 w/512mb that is a low profile card with a low profile bracket. It requires a 250 Watts power supply. I went ahead and ordered it. Still its better than using the motherboard's integrated graphics.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

  6. Thanks for the feedback. I looked at them as well. The issue still is that the PSU is 280W. Even though some like to push and overdrive their PSU, I don't. Then other things start to happen after a period of time because of taxing the PSU.

    It is a good thing that this is the one and only desktop I have and soon its going to be gifted to someone that is going off to college. She will enjoy having a PC of her own and not look at things avid and serious computer builders do.
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