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I would like to know how to connect two monitors, two keyboards, two mouse to a single CPU without adding a Extra Graphics card. In short I would like to know if there is a splitter kinda thing which gives an access to the CPU where two users can use the same CPU simultaneously?
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  1. 2 people with 2 keyboard, 2 mouse, 2 monitor operating the same computer?
    That is only possiblle by using virtual pcs.
    Splitter thing alone will not work.
    The thing is, a single cored proc is not really a good solution for that kinds usage. It is better to use multi-cored processor for virtualization.

    Hint :
    Try searching some knowledge about microsoft virtual pc, sandbox, virtualbox, vmware, etc.

    Explaining everything takes some time, it is better to read those infos for yourself.
  2. I don't think he actually meant a "single core" CPU - but more than likely two people using the same "box" (the actual guts not really even mentioned).

    But even with VM or virtual pc, there isn't anything I can even think of that would get him to what I think he wants.
  3. @ davewolfgang: Yup :D I agree :D
  4. Adding more information: ATOM Processor (1.6GHz. 2GB RAM, 300 GB HDD, 2 monitors, 2 keyboards, 2 mouse, 2 users), now can you suggest me. I have checked with VMware but it gives an option only when you have two Cabinets(CPUs).
  5. 1. You need lots more to learn about virtualization
    2. You need lots to learn about ATOM. ATOM is only a good for nothing processor, even without virtualization.
  6. In short - the answer is no, what you want isn't possible.

    Desktop VM's are so you can run TWO machines (OS's) on ONE computer (CPU).

    SERVER VM's (which I think is what you are thinking of) requires a server, a server OS that supports and enables multiple users to connect at the same time - and also requires each of those users to already have a CPU (Desktop machine) to be able to Remote Desktop into that server VM. That's already three machines with the corresponding router/switch infrastructure to let that happen, not to mention the required software.

    So instead, look for a sale and get another netbook for that 2nd user. I got my EeePC 1005HAP at MicroCenter for $199.
  7. BTW :
    Where did you get this idea of having 2 different persons connected into 1 netbook at the same time?
    It is a far far away from even possible.
  8. With all your information, I am dropping the idea. But, still as my senses tells me to contact the source of this idea from which my mind has got it, I will give it a try with the source and update you all if it has been successful.

  9. Well...perhaps can write your own programm to make it possible.
    Remember...everything begins with an idea.
    "Nothing is impossible"
    Hmmm...or do you mean, 2 people fighting over a PC through local and remote PC?
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