Upgrading an old rig


I have an old rig that I am trying to beef up.

Recently tried to upgrade the RAM on it, but found that two slots on my old POS mobo are bad.


MOBO: Gigabyte ga-ma69vm-s2
CPU: AMD 64x2 5600+
HDD: 250 GB WD
Memory: 2x1 GB Corsair DDR2 800
VID: ATI Radeon HD 4600

I have a custom case that has plenty of space for a bigger/different mobo.

So - any ideas on the next MOBO upgrade that I can do that will accept what I have now?

Kinda limited budget, but looking to upgrade MOBO first as it is older and has two bad RAM slots.

Any help would be greatly appreciated on what mobo/cpu/memory/video card combo would be a step up from what I have now!


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  1. I think you might be in for more than you bargained for. First off, if you get a current MB, that means a current CPU, but current memory as well. DDR2 is no longer supported in current boards. Also, you won't find IDE connectors on many current boards. How is your hard drive connected? If it is IDE, you will have to get a new HDD as they are now connected via SATA. You also might run into another problem if you graphics card is AGP, as this again, has been outmoded. Current graphics cards are connected via PCI.
    Now, with all that said, an upgrade doesn't have to cost a fortune, but be prepared to spend at least 400 and up to 800, depending on what quality and features you want.
  2. Yikes. Holy moly, I might just be in for scrapping the whole thing and starting over.
  3. Don't be scared off. I just wanted you to know what *might* be involved. If you supply some more information, I can give you a better idea of what the upgrade will cost you. What type of HDD do you have? What type of video card do you have? Do you wnt to upgrade to an AMD or Intel system? What other parts do you not need (Mouse, KB, monitor)?
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