RAID 0 between two 256gb SSDs, which then mirror to 1TB HDD. Possible?

I am considering this set up but I can't work out if it's possible.

I've got two 256gb SSDs (SataIII) that I want to put into a RAID 0 config. I want them to mirror to my HDD (SataII) for backup purposes. So if I lose an SSD, I can boot from my HDD whilst I get a new one.

Any help appreciated as I'm a bit new to this.
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  1. What motherboard for the SSD's? A lot of SSD's don't allow TRIM support in a RAID. Also, the performance isn't double or anything, a lot of times only a bit faster.

    As for the mirroring, you'd have to use a 3rd party software. You can't use it in the RAID at all, so basically you'd want need some backup software.
  2. As getochkn said, that's no going to work! Even if it would, it would also limit the speed of the ssd's to the speed of the hdd.
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