Help CHoosing Gaming Monitor

Hi Guys, i have a 720p hd digital tv 32" samsung, which for gaming isnt good.
I have a Ati Radeon 4870x2 + asus rampage Extreme III and 6gb ram

Now i need help choosing the right gaming monitor...

I was looking at something like this

do you guys have another alternatives...
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  1. That is one of the best 3D monitors right now. I love Acer they make great monitors, altough if you don't plan on using 3D you could get something else.

    However you would be happy with that, in my opinion.
  2. ^
    That's a good monitor, but just like Helltech said above, if you do not plan on using 3D then you can get another monitor...
    BTW, that doesn't matter, grab it, you'll happy with it's performance. :)
  3. Sweet monitor! I came across an Asus which comes with the nVidia 3d kit if you're looking at 3d'ing.
  4. Im not looking into 3d At the moment, but this other monitor caught my attention

    Contrast ratio 2million:1
    RP: 2ms
    FULLHD: 1920x1080

    the worlds thinnest plus is sooo beautifull, come on guys help me out
  5. I prefer 1920x1200, but thats just me.
  6. Hmm...that's a nice monitor! Any idea what's the refresh rate on that? If the refresh rate as 129, then it's 3d case you feel like trying it out sometime! :)

    And how much is it? I couldn't see the tag anywhere...
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