What is needed to be changed to upgrade from pentium 4 to duel croe processors i

My computer display went suddenly and now it has been identified as motherboard problem and there is no orginal part of my computer avaible with the company.i have hp pavilion 1510in. So they told me to that they will change the motherboard which will cost 5000 rs so with my same specification so i wanted to now wheather an upgrade from pentium 4 to dueal core processor needs an motherboard change so that i can upgrade to it.
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  1. I would not recommend such an extensive upgrade. Due to the age of your model computer a lot has changed in connectivity. If you were to purchase a motherboard to fit a better CPU it would most likely call for a different speed RAM and may not have the traditional IDE connectors for your disk and hard drive(s). I suggest you either replace the motherboard (if you are positive that is where the issue lies) with a similar motherboard if you can find one cheap and love your Windows XP that probably came with it or just buy a whole new system which will run much faster and will save you some grief.
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