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5750 on 460watt psu???? help

Hello i have a Coolermaster elite 460Watt psu this

and was wondering if it would power this card

Thanks in advance

my other specs are Asus m4a785t-m/csm mobo
4gb of ddr3 crucial ram
asus dvd burner
Cooler master elite 310 case
Cooler master elite 460w psu
AMD thlon x4 640 quad 3ghz
500GB western digital blue
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  1. Its not the greatest psu but it has enough power to run your setup, or maybe not.

    Cooler Master Elite Power 460 W is simply an Elite Power 400 W with a new label. The two units are absolutely the same (the only component that was upgraded was the rectifying bride, but this change didn’t make any difference in performance). This is simply unbelievable. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of thing still happening in China, but here in the United States? C’mon…

    Another example of false advertisement is the manufacturer listing over current protection (OCP) as a feature available on this power supply: inside the unit the space labeled “OCP control board” is empty.

    This unit can’t deliver its labeled power – like Elite Power 400 W, it can only deliver up to 420 W. To make things worse, this unit is sold for USD 10 more than Elite Power 400 W – an extra 33% profit for Cooler Master for counterfeiting their own power supplies.
  2. Yeah ive seen that about it being a re labeled 400 but i had already bought this 460. will i have enugh power? or would it be cutting it close?
  3. Using the coolermaster psu calculater it says that 343 would be enough do you think that is correct? i dont want my psu to burn out because it cant handle it
  4. I wouldn't use it, technically it has enough power but it looks junk.
    I'd pick something like this up for $50.
  5. any one else hve any opinions?
  6. 95w cpu, 50w board, 130w gpu = 275w

    If the psu actually only supplies 420w - 130w(3.3+5V) = 290w

    It does have a 6 pin pci-e, its up to you, Malmental would you use it on your components?? (be honest)

  7. Thanks, one more question. Would you ever recommend this psu to anyone??
  8. Ok, all I'm saying to Comp Guy is IMO its not worth using it and frying your other componets....maybe.

    You could use it and be fine but its pretty close to its limit anyway so a bit of extra wouldn't do you any harm.

    $50 is piece of mind for your $100's worth of other equipment but the choice is yours, just tryin to help. :)
  9. Ok thanks guys ill get a diff psu first
  10. The 600w version is only $5 more.
  11. yeah ill see if i can return it what do you think about this running a 5770 off this psu?
  12. ohh and i plan on getting the sapphire 5750 instead of the 450
  13. i know u love the 450 and have the msi cyclone but if they can run a 5770 of this i should be able to run a 5750... right?
  14. Are you seriously gonna change your card so you can use that psu.

    Just change your psu and stick with the 450.
  15. but my power supply would be ok with a 5750? its cheaper where i live so i want that over a gts 450
  16. i know what the performance is. i just wanna know ifmy psu will be able to power my system ok with my current psu? i dont want to upgrade my psu and video card i have a gaming pc this was supose to be a computer i will leave on 24/7 to download movies and music and stuff. but i want more out of it lol
  17. was i asking if it was a *** psu? no dont think so i was asking if it would work
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    computer guy 306 said:
    yeah ill see if i can return it what do you think about this running a 5770 off this psu?

    tell you how important a good psu is then they tell you to use a crappy one...cmon people!
    both the cooler master elite power and extreme power and junk.
    cooler master's other series are mostly decent and/or actually quite good. but stick to brands like seasonic, antec, corsair, etc, and you wont have any problems with your pc.
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