ATI 4850 crossfire compatiblity

Hello, first off I want to state that I have read the initial post about crossfiring GPU's but this is a more specific question.

I have an intel DP55WB motherboard with an ATI radeon HD 4850 GPU (and they work well together). I recently purchased another 4850 GPU, the exact same model and manufacurer, and I want to know if I can Crossfire them, i.e. does it have the appropriate slots.

When I purchased the motherboard the seller said it was fully compatile with ATI crossfire but I don't think it has the proper slots. Also it says in the crossfire compatibility chart it says p55 chipset is compatible but it does't mention it in the specification.

Please help, I am very confused. :??:
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  1. The DP55WB does not have a second PCI-E 16x slot to allow you to crossfire, the p55 chipset does support it but your board doesnt have the slots arranged to allow it.
  2. thank you, I did eventually find an article which cleared it up once and for all but that doesn't help that (a) I cant to crossfire my GPU's and (b) I now have a useless Graphics card I purchased due to conflicting info. :pfff:
  3. it would have been better had you sold the 4850 and bought a gtx 280.the gtx 280 is near a 4850 crossfire plus its a single card so less heat electrictiy
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