New Samsung Monitor having large GAP....

I today purchased my samsung PX370, and there's an gap issue.
There's a large gap between Basel and Lcd panel on the top-left side only.... Rest all sides are perfect but on this particular side there's a lot of space in-between. (the gap is approx. double to what it's on other end)

Here are "sample" pics of the problem i am talking about:

Do you guys, having any experiences near to what i am having on your Samsung lcd.

NOTE: The pics given are not of my monitor, but an sample to let you understand the problem better. I am posting sample pics coz i am unable to get pics clearly tht shows the problem of my monitor.
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  1. Can you put image tags on your pictures, otherwise we can't click those links.
  2. Images are working now!
  3. Am..if the panel it is ok, then do not worry about it. If you want, you can change it at the store you got it from, just for the "image" of the product.

    I can put a piece of paper like in those pictures in my LG and Samsung LCD.
    If the gap is bigger..that would bother me personally.
    Anyway, the panels are not glued to the sides(just a note)
  4. I ned more opinions plz
  5. My monitor does this on the left hand side, I don't think there is anything you can do about it, really.
  6. Yeah, i have a Samsung PX2370 LED-LCD too.. the gap is at the top left corner too. There is also a gap at the top right corner but the top right corner gap is too small to be noticeable. the top left gap and the the top right gap difference is about one or two horizontal rows of pixels. It's just a minor thing. I believe it is a factory defect when they assembled and fixed the screen onto the bezel. There might be a malalignment rather than being completely horizontal.
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