Mobile Graphics (laptop) for 50" HDTV (1080p)

Was looking to purchase a laptop soon which will be primarily for school & work.... was hoping that I could also use it as a media center with my 50" HDTV. Wondering what would be the minimum graphics power that I would need to accomplish this? I would mainly use it for netflix, hulu, dvd's, music, very light gaming etc. Really wanting to know what the minimum GPU would be that could do this? Pretty sure integrated graphics would be out of the question. Thanks
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  1. Thank you for your reply. I also looked at the MSI computer you suggested as I've had good luck with MSI in the past...and the price was very competative. I was actually trying to spend a whole lot less (if possible). I built a gaming computer earlier in the year and have been pretty happy with it so far. I just sold my HTPC to a friend so I was trying find a solution that would be good for work/school and would hopefully work for entertainment also. I won't be doing any gaming on the laptop.

    I Guess I'm really just wondering what the cheapest mobile GPU would be that would give me decent resolution on my 50" tv. The I7 is a great processor without debate, but for the money I'm looking to spend it would be a overkill. Most of the reviews that I read focus on gaming, understandably of course as gaming is a great test of a systems overall graphics processing ability. It would be nice to see a few reviews in the realm of a non-gaming multimedia/entertainment use. Really only want enough to give me Hulu, Netflix, internet, play my music through my tv and 6.1 surround system via HDMI connection.

    If anyone knows of a review like this please give me a link, I'd appreciate it.

    wa1 again thanks for your response. I looked at the MSI before I posted and yeah your suggestion was spot on for what I had looked at, but would prefer to spend less. If I could find something in the 500-750$ range that would be ideal. I'm mainly just looking to find out what the lowest to middle grade GPU which will provide me with the basic+ performance I want. And maybe I will need a high end GPU to accomplish this....

    Hey Tom's how about a review of Mobile GPU's and which ones would be rated for as duty for a HTPC??? (NON-Gaming)

    Again thanks wa1
  2. :)

    I suggest those laptops because you aren't mention about budget on your detail...

    Well, for HTPC, most of laptops are good even for big monitor like 50".
    This one is good:


    both of them has VGA and HDMI output and has a power to play light games.
    Those are non gaming laptops, but powerful enough to run 50" monitor.
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