Have you heard of BSEL pin modding the Core2Duos?

A big thank you to Dadiggle for a great link to pin modding C2Ds
this is the link
I have a E4300 1.8ghz 800 FSB in a Dell Optiplex 745.
Since it is a factory box it cannot be OCd from the BIOS
With this mod and a $10 USD circuit writing pen from RadioShack
I was able to get to 2.4ghz 1066mhz FSB stable with idle temps at 33c and under %100 load is
50c with stock cooling.
Ran 3Dmark06 twice in a row and no glitches
This is equal to the E6600 except has 2mb L2 instead of 4mb L2.
It is a little bit of a scary mod since you are connecting two pads on the CPU with
conductive you have to be REAL careful.
Since the CPU cost me $13 I took the chance :D
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  1. Yea this is normal. They had one for the Q6600 to make it run a 333MHz FSB and at 3GHz.
  2. I thought it was pretty sweet.
    I guess I am kinda of a noob to OCing
  3. Well most OEM machines frown on OCing due to warranty issues. So you can't be an expert at OCing when you can't.

    I was a noob in 2007 when I got my Q6600 but it was super easy. Just went into BIOS, set my voltages and the FSB and Prime95 stress tested it. Easiest thing ever. Free 3GHz Q6600. Stable as a rock at 1.25v and best thing is that stock voltage for a Q6600 is 1.35v. Plus my memory runs at DDR1333 on 4-4-4-12 timings when its spec is 5-5-5-18. Got lucky.

    But I am by no means an expert. I have learned a lot from here and other websites. And I hope to learn more. Stay here with us and you will learn too.
  4. very interesting option ....!
  5. Quote:
    Btw what did you do with the P4 cpu that came init?

    It is a Pentium D 945 3.4 and I stashed it in the parts cabinet as a backup if I fried this
    one pin modding it.

    I bought the tower for $75. It came with a 80gb HD which I swapped with a 250gb out of a refurbish computer I was building.
    I bought a Sapphire HD4650 1gb for $44 which I OC stable at 712mhz core/1100 effective memory.
    I bought the E4300 cpu for $13 and the guy threw in a Lite-On DVDRW DL Lightscribe 16x Sata.
    It also has 2gb ram.
    I spent a total of $132 on system.
    Runs real cool (33c idle OC in 68F)
    Low power (the HD4650 barely draws 40watts)
    I am probably under 250watts at load as a guestimate.
    It is mainly multimedia and office work with some light gaming (1280x1024 res,low to med settings)
    I have a small repair/refurbish PC company and the less overhead the better!
  6. I thought it was pretty cool.
    I figured it wouldnt hurt to have a thread so
    other members who werent familiar with it
    could see it.
    I have been on THG since July and when Dadiggle posted
    the link it was the first time I saw it.
    Other Dell,HP etc owners will appreciate it.
    You always see someone asking how to OC their factory
    At least there is an limited option for it.
  7. Quote:
    lol it was you the other day that encouraged me to scratch in the back for it. It was on its way to be stripped and donated then I saw the post with the HD4650 lol. I stuck a e5200 in it. Keeping the chip for one of those huge OC on air its a very cool chip. But one thing I like about the Optiplex its the way its heatsink are attached. Its small and compact but it does a wonderful job

    I was looking for a cheap low power tower for my office in my house and this one fits the bill.
    I use MSOffice 07,stream and record Netflix,download drivers,encode and burn movies and do light gaming so this setup works for me.
    It sure beats my Dell 450 Dual Xeon P4 Prestonia 3.2/IDE/AGP rig LOL
    I work from home and do my best to keep my expenses low.
    I do have dreams about Dual Xeon 5xxx rigs :D
    But with a 9 year old in private school,rent,utilities,insurance,family vacations etc
    that aint happening for awhile :cry:
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