Silverstone Raven RV02-bw power button problem

I bought a new case, silverstone rv02-bw. when finished install, i cannot boot the pc. not even bios. when i try using my old case power switch, i can boot the pc fine. so the problem is the power button of the new shiny case.

is there a way for me to use the pc without the power button? is there a way for me to fix the power button?

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  1. you need to confirm the 2 wire header on the front of the case going to the power switch is connected properly to the correct MB 2 pin header/recepticle, usually labled 'PWR SW' or 'PWR ON' or equivalent....

    You can't assume with certainy the problem is now only the power button...when moving MB, there is always a chance of standoffs in wrong location, forgetting to hook up CPU power, 24 pin main MB power, hitting the power switch at the rear of the PSU, etc....
  2. if you can find the the two pins (be certain!) on the mainboard that lead to the power switch, you momentarily short them (which is all the power swtich does anyway, some folks use a screwdriver, a strip of conductive cigarette foil should work fine, and the system should power on...)

    MOMENTARY SHORT...1/4 second, not permanent....once it powers on, take the short off...

    BE certain you are shorting the correct two pins, with the tower currently off...
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