Gtx 470 bottleneck

will this system bottleneck my gtx 470?


mobo - gygabite g31m-es2c

2gb ram

intel dual core e5200 2.5 ghz

corsair tx650 watts

250 gb hdd + 160 gb 2nd hdd

ty in advance
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  1. yes it will definitly bottleneck the GTX 470.

    i have a Phenom X4 9950 BE @ 2.6 GHz and a GTX 470

    when i got it i benchmarked it (3D mark vantage) and i got around 11k
    i OC the CPU to 2.8GHz and i got around 12k
    and then one more OC to 3.0GHz and it jumped to 16k score
    i did over clock the cpu more to 3.1Ghz and 3.2 Ghz but then the score difference was minor. i guess the GTX 470 was bottlenecked until my cpu reached 3Ghz
  2. Yes, your cpu will bottleneck your GTX470.
    OC it a little bit, let's say 3.0GHz and you're good to go. :)
  3. already oc the cpu to about 3.5 ghz and its not bottlenecking the card i guess

    oh and ive managed to oc it with stock cooler wich surprised me alot :D
  4. okay, you're good to go, happy gaming... :D
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