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Hey guys ,

I really need help here I have GA-MA78LMT-S2 mother board it has onboard lan+vga i was downloading some torrents , after it finished i couldnt log on to the internet , i cant find my lan or the network adapted in the device manager or in the taskbar i reboted my pc & the lan doesnt blink green when the pc is starting , i dunno wat happened , i tried to update bios thru mother board @bios nothing happened , except that i lost the energy dual bios logo at the 1st starting screen .

Please I need help !!
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  1. Which BIOS version were you using and which version did you flash to?

    The last three BIOS versions, F12, F13 and F14, were LAN related fixes or updates which indicates that there are issues with the Realtek LAN.
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