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ATI Temperature monitor

so I just get my new ATI 5850 and I'd like to see the temperature of the GPU. I never had an ATI before and I don't know where to find that information. Google leads me to ATI Tray Tools which are supposed to show the temperature but I can't find it anywhere :(

Can you help me ?

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    CCC has the ability as dipankar said, GPU-z is the standard. MSI Afterburner is my personal favorite.
  2. Best way to monitor temps is GPUZ because it shows you all the sensors. I have a reference model Sapphire 5850 and it actually has 3 GPU temps and 3 VRM temps. No other program I've used has shown me all of them except GPUZ. Afterburner is my favorite for overclocking.
  3. ok thanks for all your answers.
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