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I am having a faulty graphics problem. Better to show than explain, very similar to one in this video

What is my system?
Quadcore 6600, Geforce GTX 9800, 3 gb ram, Samsung Syncmaster 2253 display, MSI P6 mainboard

When does it happen?
It typically happens 5-10 mins after I start playing a graphic intentsive 3d game.

What happens?
Screen starts getting messed up, vertical lines, distorted text ...etc followed by a complete freeze

Does it happen during safe run?
Yes sometimes. Indeed when I restart, sometimes it sustains during boot screen prior to windows.

Does it return to normal?
Yes after waiting for a while, it can start up normal again.

What I tried so far?
1) Updating graphics card drivers and direct x ( I am very sceptic this would be the problem, since the problem sometimes persists during restart at bootscreen and safe run)
2) Did a good clean up of dust off the cpu and gpu fans, removed and reinstalled the video card to its slot.
3) Did a GPU memory stress test - Result is OK. Did Nvidia CPU and Ram stress tests- Resuls OK. Did Microsoft Memory stress test- Results OK
4) I tried to check the temperature point just before crash. It was close to 70-75 celsius
5) Anti virus scan- Returned clean

Any suggestions much appreciated!
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  1. I had a very similar thing happen with my older 7900gt. It only happened in some games and not others. I never found a solution. I suspect however that the unit was simply old and worn out. When it get's hotter it begins to corrupt the graphics data resulting in a messed up display. I replaced the card.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I tried to repair windows and also installed an older driver, same result. I am almost sure that it is hardware defect now.

    Any way to be sure about what the actual damaged component is before I open my wallet: video card, mainboard or cpu?
  3. I watched the video you posted. It's the GPU. I had similar renderings with my faulty 7900. After I replaced it with, get this an 8400gs (wasn't gaming on it anymore), it worked fine. I think it was probably a fault in the nVidia fab process during those years of the late 7900 and 8000x series GPUs. I've had a lot of people (who Gamed, aka: maxed their GPU) report the same thing.
  4. The last thing you want to try is installed your card in different PC...
    If the same thing happened then your card is bad/dying.
  5. Many thanks for the responses. I think it is time to buy a new video card. I am open to suggestions:

    Two options

    Option 1: A good card aligned with limits of my current Quadcore 6600 , 3 gb ram system (i.e. no over-investment!)
    My budget will be max 150 euros (~250 dollars)

    Option 2: A great card as a first step for an overall investment (i.e. next upgrading cpu)
    My budget will be max 250 euros (~400 dollars)

  6. Most probably I will try to do some swap with one of the items from my previous supplier. Prices are here. What would you pick for the above two options?

  7. I had the same problem when I purchased a brand new 8600GT from newegg a few years back. I had to get it replaced since it was obviously a defective card.

    If it's not a new card and this is a new problem, then you can do one of two things:

    1. Buy a new card
    2. Reflow the card (

    I only suggest option 2 if you're absolutely against buying a new one.
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