Sandy bridge

when will the sandy bridge going to be available to buy? will it be significantly faster and cheaper than an i7 - 950?
should i wait to put together a new system?

i looked at tom's article on the i7-2500 and ir says that they will be cheaper and faster that the highend i7'. if that is true why are the i7- 950 and 960's
still going to be so expensive? what am i missing?
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    Hello, and welocme to THG.

    Well for starters: DO NOT POST YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS.

    Second: They were released as of the 5th of this month. I heard about the 9th of January.

    Third: It should increase in perfomance somewhat. There are reviews and benches online,(even here @ Tom's.)

    Fourth: You could wait. It will be expensive unlike last generation.

    Fifth: The reason the 'First Generation' Core i series will still be expensive, is that they are still relevent chipset microarchitectures.

    You are not missing anything...just possibly confused. Personally, I would wait and research for Sandy Bridge and their second release in Q2 2011 and also look into AMD's 'BUlldozer' CPU's as well.
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