Core i3 530 + gtx 460 enough for SCII on ultra settings?

Will a core i3 530 processor be suitable along with a gtx 460 and 4gb of ddr3 1600 ram be suitable for playing starcraft 2 on ultra settings? I found an insane deal for a system like this for $350 from some desperate guy selling a bunch of stuff. I was gonna build my own system, but wow... haha I might just go with this. I know a gtx 460 will do just fine, but will the i3 be a potential bottleneck? Please let me know your opinions, thanks.
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  1. sorry I forgot to add that the resolution will be @ 1920 x 1080.
  2. Should be, my brother has the same CPU and a 5770 and has no trouble running at max settings in SC2. His resolution is 1680x1050 though.
  3. SCII only uses two cores so the CPU isnt going to be a significant bottleneck, the 530 is clocked fairly high. The GTX 460 wont have any trouble with that resolution, SCII seems to do a bit better on nVidia GPUs and my 4850 does alright at 1920x1080, a GTX 460 should be able to play it on ultra easily.
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