AMD Phenom II not compatible?

I purchased a AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition for my HP 6633w pc. However, after I replaced the processor, I am informed that the CPU is not supported and my computer will be shutting down. I don't understand, my motherboard is an AM3 socket and was running a Dual core CPU before. I've checked for a BIOS update but HP doesn't have one listed and Foxconn does not have this particular model motherboard listed on their site. Shouldn't it work? What gives? Thank you for any help!

My system, a HP p6633w. It was built in July so it's relatively new.

Athlonll X2 255 (R) 3.1 GHz (65W)
4000 MHz HyperTransport 3.0
Socket AM3
AMD 785G
Manufacturer: Foxconn
Motherboard Name: H-ALVORIX_HF-RS880-uATX
HP/Compaq motherboard name: Alvorix-GL8E
Power supply
250W ( I've replaced with a 650W supply)
Geforce GTS 450
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  1. some AM3 mobos only support up to 90W cpus
  2. I believe the H-ALVORIX_HF-RS880-uATX only supports up to a 95w processor.

    It's unlikely HP would use a mobo supporting a 125w CPU with a 250w PSU and in uATX format.

    You either need to

    1. Return the CPU for a refund (and a 15% restocking fee).
    2. Look for a uATX mobo that supports a 125w CPU.
  3. Prebuilts generally have restricted BIOSs, this includes CPU support. It makes the BIOS a lot simpler and a bit more reliable but also greatly restricts your upgrade options. In general if your system or one of the variants it shares the board with were not offered with that processor it wont support it.

    The wattage is also often a concern for them in small chassis as it leads to more heat, so i doubt your system was ever offered with more than 65W CPUs.
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