Hi guys, I have a desktop with the following specifications:

4GB ram
nVidia GeForce 8400 GS 512 MB
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHz

Question: Do you think this desktop is suitable for casual gaming with games such as crysys or gta 4?
Is it for hard-core gaming or just casual gaming?

Thanks a lot
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  1. An 8400GS isnt going to be very good for gaming, it would only be usable for casual gaming at best.
  2. Casual. Your video card is the biggest limitation. But you should also have an upper end CPU or a highly overclocked mid-range CPU.

    Your system would struggle with Oblivion, and that's several years old.
  3. Agreed. You're card was a mediocre card 3 generations ago. Although it will "play" most games, you will not have a great experience while doing it. Assuming that is the PCI-E version, you should probably look at upgrading it...possibly HD5770 or the nvidia 460. You're gaming experience will increase 10 fold ;-)
  4. hunter315 said:
    An 8400GS isnt going to be very good for gaming, it would only be usable for casual gaming at best.

    That is looking to be the understatement of the week if not month. :lol:
  5. Agreed. But on a brighter'd smash out some serious frames on solitaire!! :-P
  6. hooray4boobies said:
    Agreed. But on a brighter'd smash out some serious frames on solitaire!! :-P

    Have you ever used an 8400GS? :heink: :lol:
  7. Well..."back in the day" i had the 8800GTS. And that was a monster compared to the 8400 lol
  8. I was using an 8400GS in my workhorse rig for a couple of years, so I know that it's no kind of gaming card.
  9. Well have it from the horses/mouse's/monkey's mouth :-D you're only option appears to be an upgrade! Focus on the GFX card, you're other components seem satisfactory :-)
  10. well thnx, now ima get the gfx card next week as my upgrade
    but overall, r the specs of my pc good if it had the gfx card?
  11. Yeah man, from what you posted, you will be able to play the majority of games on medium to high with a decent graphic card. Enjoy :-)
  12. i understand my graphics card pretty much sucks eggs now, but is my pc good in terms of specs of ram, processor, etc.?
  13. Yeah dude, my last PC before i got this one had the Core 2 Duo, 6gig ram and an 8800GTS, and that still managed to play modern warfare 2 at max, just had to turn off anti aliasing. Did crysis at medium quite easily too.

    You will find that these days frames are limited to the power of your graphics card. So find a card that fits within your price range and your power supplies ability and you will see a massive performance gain.
  14. Hmm... some games might be bottlenecked by that CPU, but not a ton and that shouldn't prevent you from upgrading. Why not overclock your cpu anyway?
  15. yesterday i got a new processor (intel i7 970) and a new graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT). Was this a wise decision?
  16. For better gaming performance? No that was not a wise decision, you should have spent a lot less on the CPU and bought a decent graphics card like a GTX 460. The 9600GT is stronger than your 8400GS but only good for lower settings and resolution gaming.
  17. You will find that the i7 is a different socket to your motherboard it won't fit. Think my core 2 was LGA775? i7's are LGA1366.

    You would've been better off taking one of my suggestions above...the 5770 or the GTX460...but still, you will see an improvement with that graphics card...of only minor :-)
  18. I give 8400gs 1 out of 10 for gaming , actually 7300Gt us better , GS series is very bad for gaming , I recommend you 4670 or 9600 Gt as agaming card and very cheap if you 're able to buy them as used .
  19. crysis will eat ur video card and processor for breakfast.if ur on 1680 1050 resolution a gtx 260 or a 5770 will play it 1920 1080 u need a gtx 460 if ur on 1280 1024 u need a 8800gtx or a gts 250 to max the game
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