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i have a windows server 2008 and i use windows server backup to do backups.
once i used schedule back up wizard , in the "specify destination type " i choose "backup to hard disk that is dedicated to backups".
after finishing the wizard the internal hard volume that is dedicated to backups is no more available in my computer list .
then after some time i wanted to change the destination to " back up to a volume" . then i expected that the hard volume become available but
it's not and when i want to open it the error " k: \ is not accessible-access is denied ".
i don't know what to do to make it available. appreciate your helps!
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  1. As found at

    When a scheduled Windows Server Backup job is created, the administrator can define which locally attached disks, folder, or network share will be used to store the backups. During the creation of the scheduled job, if dedicated disks are selected, which is recommended, the allocated disks will each be repartitioned and reformatted. Windows Server Backup will stamp the disk volume to match the time and date the scheduled job is created. By default, this disk will only be available on the local system through the Windows Server Backup program.

    You should read the whole article. If that disk will no longer be used for Windows backup, you could reformat it.
  2. hi dear GhislainG
    the article you sent for me is not available anymore , however I reformatted the hard disk and even I change it's drive letter but still I don't have access to it. I still want to use this hard for my backups but I change it from dedicated disk to another option in the specify destination type which is "backup to volume" .
    do you have any idea how to access and brows my hard disk?
  3. Sorry, but the : at the end of the link shouldn't have been there:

    You should read this:
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