Geforce G210 VC on an EMachines 1352G?

I bought an EMachines ET1352-03W at Walmart, a low-end. It has an AMD II X2 260u processor, 2 DDR3 (@2gb each) memory sticks, a SATA low-end HD, DVD-RW, onboard sound/ethernet/graphics. Other than a cable internet connection, an optical mouse and keyboard and an occasional flash stick, i don't run anything else on the machine.

The power supply is a Delta Electronics (DPS-300AB-39C) 300W, with 12V1=10a, 12V2=12a, -12v=0.5a, 3.3v=20a +5vsb=2a, +5v=16a.

My question is: Will a Geforce G210 (PN=512-P3-1212-LR) 512 DDR2 video card work with this power supply?
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  1. GT210 requires a 300 watt PSU and I think 28 amps. I'd try it.
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