i7 or i5 for Virtual Machines

I decided to go with this board.


However, I plan on running Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux using VirtualBox or VM Ware.

My questions is as follows;

Is the i5 good enough or should I go with an i7?

I plan on having 8GB of ram.
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  1. If you get the quad-core i5 760 then you're good - the only difference with the i7 is the Hyperthreading which I don't think makes much of a difference with VMs.

    RAM is the big thing here. 8GB should be OK, but the money you'd save on sticking with the i5 should give you a big boost up to 16GB - plenty of 16GB kits on Newegg $200-$300
  2. The link is broken.

    May I suggest an SSD? It will make a difference.
    In that case do not defrag your VM OSes even if VMWare recommends it.
  3. Yeah, I have an i7 and have plenty of VM's. I only have 6GB of ram though so I run usually 1-2 at the same time, but my the performance seems excellent.
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