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I think mice are one of the most important factors in a gamer's setup. It's what we use to give our most important input to an FPS, and so you can see why I am very critical in my judgement of mice.

Here's what might matter in my setup:
Athlon XP 2100 on an Epox 8KHA+ motherboard
Windows 2000 with all current updates
DirextX 9 for my ATI 9500 pro
Logitech MouseWare version 975

I've had an MS IntelliMouse 3.0 for a while now, and feel hampered by the cord making movement force asymmetric. Even a Mouse Bungie won't fix this - cordless is the only way; I really wanted the MX700 to be a great mouse. After installing the MX700 and charging it up, I took it for a spin in BF1942. Right off the bat I noticed that something didn't feel right. It took a split second after I stopped moving the mouse for the aim on my computer to stop. I tried single player, thinking somehow it was due to lag. The same thing happened, so I quit to windows and tried an experiment. I moved the mouse speed slider all the way to the slowest setting, and of course acceleration was off. If I moved the mouse quickly, the buffer of the mouse becomes horridly visible, and there is a tremendous (perhaps as much as a half second) amount of time between when I stop moving the mouse and when the mouse actually stops moving on screen. Thinking it was a buffer issue on my motherboard, and wondering why this horrible delay wasn't mentioned in any reviews, I tried PS/2 and then another computer. I tried the mouse on an Intel PIII 450 running on an Asus P2B-LS motherboard running w98, and got the same lagged results.

I tried ending the EM_EXEC task, and still the lag happens. I am convinced it is a problem with the RF technology, or else a faulty mouse. My Intellimouse 3.0, in a side-by-side comparison, is much more accurate and even seems to have a faster update rate, even in USB mode.

I think I could have gotten used to the heavy mouse, but having lag between your reactions and your player's aim is not acceptable. What are other people's experiences with the MX700? Have you tried the slider technique above?
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  1. I also use the MX700 on XP I do not use the mouseware it totaly hung my pc.
    so I use the Microsoft drivers on the USB.
    I get absolutely no lag and I play mostly FPS games.

    my system is

    Athlon xp 1800 +
    asus a7v266-E
    512 MB 266DDR
    Leadtek A250 ultra Geforce4 Ti4600

    "it's only life everyone gets through it"
  2. I really like Logitech mouse but their driver sucks. I am using microsoft mouse and keyboard becuse microsoft offers better driver.
  3. It's true, logitech drivers suck like hell.
    Still their equipment is soo much better.

    Put brain in gear before engaging mouth.
  4. To bad good hardware does not work correctly with bad driver.
  5. I have the same mouse (MX700), play the same game (BF1942) I never installed the drivers. I never had any problems. The only function I dont get is that Alt-Tab button on the top of the mouse. All other buttons/features are fully supported by WinXP (don't know about Win2K). This mouse is perfection in my opinion.

    WinXP SP1
    AMD 1700+
    Epox 8KHM (micro-atx version of your board)
    ATI 8500 64MB
    Logitec MX700

    BTW I snipe very well even can once in a while get a poor sucker in a plane.

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  6. Well, I just got my mx700 in the mail today. The setup is badass, I think the mouse itself looks badass, but the cradle is a bit overdone if you ask me. Nonetheless, I did not get this mouse because of the way it looks. 30x30 pixel resolution and i believe 5000+ FPS with a 125 data transfers/second through the usb sounded pretty damn good. I have the reciever 8 inches from my monitor (and any other "electrical device") as the instructions said, and my mouse is probably a good 2 to 3 feet from the reciever during normal use. I get no lag whatsoever and i could instantly tell when i first used it that it was much more sensitive than my older logitec optical mouse. I have only used it for about 30 minutes so far, but i experienced quicker and more accurate response all around than my older mouse which has a cord. So as to whether or not i am pleased with the mouse, its badass. everything i want in a mouse.

    as to what i would recommend you do, make sure the reciever is 8 inches from any other electrical device, make sure the batteries are charged well, and try to keep it as close as possible to the reciever. if none of that helps, maybe you live too close to a radio station and its messing up the signal or something.
  7. Well now I have a question. It sounds like the general consensus is that the logitec mouseware drivers suck. I originally plugged it in and winxppro thought for a second and then told me new hardware was added and then it was done. the mouse was installed, worked better than i had even hoped. after this i decided that since it was a logitec mouse and a MS driver was installed, the mouse would probably work best with its designed driver. i installed it and it changed the sensitivity settings i had so it was hard to get an instant comparison, but it really doesn't seem much different if at all. so my questions are firstly, should i uninstall the driver and revert back to the MS driver, and if so which driver specifically should i use, and secondly, what exactly are the noticeable differences between drivers?

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