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I got my PC about 3 days ago and it was working fine with no problems at all the only thing that wasn't working properly was the network. I browsed a couple of webpages before I installed McAfee but they weren't harmful like Facebook and my email after that It was still working fine even the network but after a hour or so I noticed that the speed of my internet dropped dramatically the normal average ping, download and upload speed is: (Ping) : 10 (Download) : 18.50
(Upload) : 2.0 but when I tested it I was shocked. Ping was 600 download speed was 0.50 and upload 0.17 I asked a couple of friends that knew about tech but they didn't help much either so I just searched online and stuff because it wasn't a big deal, they told me to try typing ipconfig in CMD but it didn't work either so I just decided to get a new router because the router's manual (Arris TM802) only had up to windows 7 I tried to search and find drivers for windows 8 but I didn't find anything. but today I decided to boot up the desktop and see if anything has changed but it was stuck in the "dell" boot up screen I waited a couple of minutes but it still was stuck there I tried shutting it down a couple of times but it didn't work either. the router's flashlights are different color on my desktop and my laptop. On my windows 7 laptop it flashes orange on router and green & orange on the cable but it the desktop it flashes green on router and red & yellow on cable. some people told me it could be a virus but I full scanned my PC and it didn't find anything.
By the way I used internet speed test and my PC is a Dell XPS 8500 special edition my monitor is a 20" Dell IN2030M.
Please help me I'm really frustrated right now :(
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  1. If your ISP is a cable company, your bandwidth and latency will vary. Cable lines are shared, meaning the more people in your area using the cable connection, the slower it is.
  2. Facebook has more viruses than you’d think. Alot of Malware in the banner ads as well.

    Never surf on your Admin Profile. If you have admin privs when you hit a website, the website inherits your admin privs.

    Never do ANYTHING on line before you install your antivirus. Most servers have viruses on them. My advice? Go to another computer, the library, internet café, wherever you can and get the install program for whatever anti-virus you want on a thumb drive. Then use the resident anti-virus to scan the thumb drive. Then unplug your internet cable and re-image your machine. Reformat your hard drive and remove and replace all partitions. Once 7 is back up, use the thumb drive to install your anti-virus before you even go to get updates. Let all updates install (you’re looking for the green no important updates needed message on windows update) before you go to any site, especially facebook.

    Facebook is safe, tell me another! HAH!

    AND enable Windows defender/ firewall.

    Most good virus writers will put the code in specific areas of the harddrive and then protect it from being scanned. Some go for high memory. Some even turn your antivirus off.
  3. Ha Ha! I didn't know anyways, thanks for the advice but I still can't get my Desktop to boot up :(
  4. By the way quilciri I don't think it's because of that because it works fine on my laptop.
  5. mmkay. Is your desktop connected via Cat5 or wireless?
  6. My desktop is connected via Cat5
  7. By "red and yellow on the cable" I'm assuming you're referring to the link lights on the NIC (the lights next to where the cat5 is plugged into on the back of your machine). That seems to indicate a physical issue, so the next things to check are the cable and the port. Get another cat5 cable, one that you know to be good, and try it in a different port on your router.
  8. Thanks man. I'll try that later but I still can't get my Desktop to start up, It got stuck in the dell logo. I have been reading the info in this web page and trying some steps
    but I can find the drive in which windows is installed in. Is it :c, :d and etc ?
  9. by default windows is installed on the c: drive.

    Did a recovery disc come with your PC?
  10. Nope.
  11. Do you have a windows 8 disc?
  12. I didn't get any discs except for the drivers
  13. Then there's most likely a recovery partition, and dell support will most likely be able to walk you through it.
  14. Ok thanks.
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