Newegg or Tigerdirect?

I live in CA and would like to purchase my new build (going to cost about $1,300) from Newegg but the sales tax is going to cost me an extra 10% almost. Tigerdirect seems to have a bad reputation or not as good as Newegg at least.

Is it worth biting the bullet and going through Newegg or am I being paranoid about Tigerdirect?

Also waiting to look at holiday sales next month before I buy if that makes a difference.
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  1. ^ If you get very good combos, then going with newegg is better, also check out amazon...
  2. Yeah I'm also waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I would Say that 80% of my buys are from newegg even though I haven't build a comp in a while. As for BF/CM you could see the ad's start appearing around the 1st and 2nd week of November. If I could get the same Products from Tiger well, 10% at $1300 is $130 bucks I would use that to get a better GPU. Most the time It's hard to beat the egg.
  3. Tiger is fine, use em all the time if new egg is out of stock. Newegg is better shipping times.
  4. I find newegg generally has a better selection and prices, but tiger has better shipping time in my area.

    They have a distribution center in northern IL and I live in southeast WI, so I get stuff from them ridiculously fast. I've had 2 day turnaround from ordering to processing to shipping to delivery.
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