Need anew graphics card

I have a computer with an ASUS M4A785-M Motherboard with integrated radeon 4200 graphics and I want to upgrade it with a better graphics card for gaming. My price range is under $ 100

My power supply is 480 watts with 17A and 18A in the 12V ramp. I bought an EVGA nvidia geforce 9800 gt 512 mb to go with it but I've been having troubles with it so I'm wondering if it was compatible too.
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  1. It should be compatible. Maybe we can help you fix whats wrong. Did you install the drivers?
  2. Well I used the evga disk that came with it and installed the drivers, but after shutting it down to sleep, I would wake up in the morning and the computer wouldnt start up anymore. So I just took out the video card today and I'm going to see if it's the video card that has the problem.
  3. make sure you installed the latest version of driver for your card...
  4. Want brand and model is the PSU? If it is weak, you can get a HD5670 for $80. It needs no auxiliary power. A HD4850 is around $100 now, but does need a PCIE power connector.
  5. well my computer is prebuilt from ibuypower and the psu is non-brand which is pretty bad >.>
  6. Well that PSU should handle a 9800GT, but not anything better (you say that the PSU "isn't" branded, which is really bad)

    And as others are suggesting get the newest drivers from Nvidia's site.

    But you should think 'bout a PSU upgrade. It won't cost you much (around 60-65$) and it'll do you a big favor.
  7. Ouch. I second the motion to replace the PSU. Choose one with full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and 80+ certification. Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, and Enermax are among the better brands. A 430W Antec Earthwatts is $60 and would have no trouble with any GPU in your price range (and beyond, up to a HD5750 or HD5770).
  8. so with my motherboard, an ATI card would be for the best?
  9. You can probably go into the BIOS and disable the onboard ATI GPU. Then make sure you uninstall all the ATI drivers (Use Driver Sweeper) and that should remove any conflict potential.

    And Sleep Mode by itself is a joke, so don't use that to begin with. LOL

    As for drivers, ALWAYS install the latest nVidia drivers by downloading from their website. I never install the drivers on the disk with the GPU. Considering it's a 9800GT, those drivers are probably 2 year old. LMAO

    A non-branded PSU in a PC is never a great idea. It's like choosing the generic brand Pace-Maker after having a heart attack. If you consider that the motherboard is the computer's brain, the PSU is the computer's heart. With a bad heart, nothing works right, and the potential for catastrophic failure is much greater.
  10. Well if there was any confusion i shut down my computer so that I would go to sleep. I completely shut down the computer if that changes anything.
  11. You PSU should be fine for such a card unless it is defective.
    First thing you should do like others have said above is actually install current drivers. The CD that comes with video cards should always be ignored as there will be newer versions available online. You want to go here;
  12. Well It's been 2 days since I removed the graphics card and my computer has been working perfectly fine. Anyways I don't think that I see the hybrid sleep mode in the power settings.
  13. Did you install the drivers from the Nvidia site?
  14. well I'm using the on board graphics and I was refering to the hybrid sleep u said that i should disable.
  15. Actually now i think it's my computer because I am somewhat getting startup problems even without the gpu I installed
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