Intel Pentium D high temperature?

recently this month we upgraded our old pc from an AGP mobo to a PCIe mobo.

i dont know if the temps are right for a pentium D 820 2.8ghz

processor: 61c
mobo: 39c
hard drive: 33c
cpu fan speed: 2235RPM

all at idle and stock settings

i compared it with my core 2 duo e7500

processor: 34c
mobo: 34c
hard drive: 32c
cpu fan speed: 1172RPM

all at idle and stock settings

is 61c too high for pentium D?
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  1. That does seem a fairly high temp for idle; i'd try carefully cleaning it's heat sink/cpu contact pad/heat spreader surface, and carefully applying some arctic silver, being absolutely positive none is squezed out over the side onto cpu/mb will ruin your mb and/or cpu if it does!
  2. That's quite high for an idle temp. Should be atleast 32-42 idling, depends on the ambient temp. Recheck your cpu heatsink if it is seated properly and clean out the dust.
  3. Guys, its a Pentium D; they always run hot. I get 65C sustained load temps with Water Cooling; they run THAT hot.
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