Not recognising USB 3.0 hard drive


I just set up the Icybox NAS enclosure through the web NAS interface. NAS works fine. But when I switch the USB 3.0 cable with Ethernet my MacBook Pro 2012 won't recognise this external hard drive. Disk was formatted in exFAT format.

Any ideas on this issue?

Regards, Nino!
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  1. I could not find a manual, but i'm pretty sure you need to switch the usb from host (for additional disks) to slave.
  2. There is no switch for host/slave mode. I tried the exetrnal disk connecting on an WinXP laptop and it recognised it.
  3. //Update: I also plug it into my few years old PC with Win7 Ultimate, USB works fine!

    There has to be something wrong with my MacBook Pro USB 3.0 connection? So far, other USB devices worked fine, but they were all USB 2.0.
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