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SLI and Multiple Monitor Display

I have 2 9500 GT's SLI'd together, under the NVIDIA control panel SLI configuration I only have 3 options.

Maximize 3D performance - This turns off my second monitor and won't allow me to turn it back on.

Activate all displays - This turns off SLI.

Disable SLI - Obviously this turns SLI off too.

Why can't I have SLI enabled with two monitors on at the same time?
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  1. Hmm. Can you send a screenshot of your options?
    Have you the latest drivers also? as I know you should be able to run SLI with two monitors (hell.. I'm doing it right now with my 24" and 22" :D).

    You should have options like to turn SLI on and off, and then to "focus" sli to which screen. I have mine focused on my larger screen as that's what I use for gaming.

    Never had an issue.

    Make sure drivers are up to day and send a picture :] we'll be able to help :)

  2. I have the latest drivers according to's automatic scan.
  3. I would assume you need to select the 3D performance setting. This should disable your second card's output, but will allow both of your monitors to work (as they are both plugged into your prime card). The 3D setting should enable SLI for gaming etc, but because your GPU has two outputs they should both work.

  4. You've now hit my conundrum. You'll notice that my second monitor is disabled. I can't enable it via right click>properties>settings>extend my desktop to this display.

    And I don't see an option to turn it on with nvidia's control panel. Maybe I'm just missing something obvious?

    Thank you, so far though
  5. What happens if you use older drivers?
  6. I haven't tried. Seriously considered it at one point, then I went to work and forgot >_>
  7. Just tried older drivers, does the same thing, turns off my second monitor or no SLI allowed. :(
  8. Which drivers are you currently using?
  9. You have both monitors plugged in on one card right?
  10. Newest drivers and yes, both in one card.
  11. Hmm this is a odd problem indeed. I got two monitors on my 9800gt sli setup. I am using older drivers though but I am with out issue. The only thing that I don't like is my ancient dell crt that limits my resolution. Try older drivers to rule out any possible driver bug. By the way what model is you 9500gt s?
  12. Made by EVGA, is that what you meant?
  13. Well that is a start but I would like more info.
  14. GeForce 9500GT 1gig

    That's all I know/know how to find out. :S

    Driver Version
  15. I know this is 2 months old but I was having the same problem. After you enable SLI and it only shows on monitor enabled on your primary card, go to Display>Set up multiple displays. Then select clone, horizontal span, or vertical span. Thats what I ended up doing. Good luck.
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    SLI multiple monitors are not supported in windows XP.
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  18. That explains everything. Thank you for finally settling my frustration.
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