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i have been trying to figure out what the problem is with my pc but after going through tonnes of
forums and hours of brainstorming i still cant figure out what the issue is. though i suspect it has
something to do with the motherboard.
i own an old system, athlon xp 64 2400, 2+2gb corsair gaming ram, MSI KA790GX mobo, ATI HD5750
graphic card, windows 7 64bit. i have been using the system for more than 6 months, and recently
something happened. over a weekend i shut down the pc and went outstation, and when i got back,
turned it was up and running for a few minutes and then it froze. it wouldnt restart after that
and over 2 weeks i tried to figure out what the problem was. i can get it working now, but it freezes
up randomly.sometimes it freezes when i boot the system. sometimes it freezes when i'm using the OS.
the funny thing is, it doesnt freeze up when i run a game or watch a video. it freezes up when its idle.
i've tried dismantling everything on the motherboard and fixing it back. nothing seems to be working.
everytime i turn on the pc after leaving it off for a day, my cmos seems to have reseted itself. i tried replacing
the cmos battery but the problem still persists. it would boot up go past POST, if i am lucky, windows boots
up. it randomly freezes sometimes when windows is loading, sometimes at POST, sometimes in the OS
itself. i have run out of ideas and i really dont know what to do. someone please help me figure out this
issue. thank you. and happy new year!!
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    At first glance it sounds like it could be a memory issue. To test faulty RAM try using only one stick at a time and try each stick in each and every slot on the motherboard. This will rule out either bad memory or a faulty motherboard. It may also be worth running MemTest86 on both your sticks to check their integrity.

    As I mentioned this is just guesswork at the moment but its somewhere to start. IMO it's unlikely to be software/Windows issue since you say that sometimes it won't even POST. Other suspects include PSU, motherboard etc. but try the above for now and post back with any results.
  2. thanks moody89. i tried that before..and i tried it just now, the furthest i can when windows loads. it happened once. after that it nvr went into the OS. it freezes up when windows is loading. i tried both ram's individually. both with the same results. anything else i should try?
  3. Download MemTest86, burn to a bootable CD and run from boot to double check your RAM. You should also have onboard graphics on that 790GX mobo so remove your video card and change to onboard graphics to see if that makes any difference also. Sometimes the less you have in a system when you have these kind of faults the better. It's basically process of elimination until you no longer have the fault and then locating the source of the fault. I'd also swap out your PSU for another if you have a spare or can borrow one etc. just to rule that out as that's also a fairly likely suspect.

    In an ideal world, you'd want to strip down the system to its barebones - Mobo, CPU, RAM (1 stick to start) and obv. PSU. Then add each component one at a time (more RAM, HDDs, GPU etc.) until you hit something. Your system should successfully POST with only CPU, Mobo and RAM installed providing there's no fault on these components.
  4. hi. so finally its been identified. its the motherboard. i cant do much. either i get a new one..or send this one for warranty. thanks for helping me out. cheers.
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