Sandy Bridge i5 2500T already on sale?

Hi All,
I've noticed this sale on eBay -
Do you think it's a geniune CPU? (the seller, of course, said it is ...)
The seller told me it's coming without the cooler (OEM package), what CPU cooler should I use with it? (assuming I'm going to buy the Silverstone GD05 case)
Do you find the price reasonable (~220$)?
Do you think that the i5 2500T is a good optimal cpu for HTPC/light gaming (with an ATI Passive 5670 GPU)/3D rendering purpose?
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  1. That's not too bad this early. I would still get a retail boxed cpu with heatsink just for the three year Intel warranty, even if you upgrade the heatsink. I use the stock Intel heatsink for my i3, and it works fine with a mild overclock.
  2. So far, I've seen that the price in quantity was roughly $216. I'm interested in the 2500T also, and that would be an acceptable price to me... The Micro Center pricing for 2500Ks is also intriguing. I'm curious how 'similar' an underclocked 2500K would behave to the 2500T.

    For the authenticity, I probably wouldn't be too worried. Reports are that the 'real' chips are out there in store rooms... just under embargo so they 'legally' can't be sold. The alternative SB chips that he/she might rebadge aren't significantly cheaper... so I wouldn't think there's a real incentive to rebadge. The sale before the 9th would be the only thing that makes it 'grey market'...

    Best of luck!
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