Can I attach my sound card to my GPU to get sound out of HDMI?

Ok, I want to buy a sound card that will produce the 5.1 I need. However, I want to run both sound and video through my GPU HDMI port. Is there a way to directly hook up the sound card to the GPU so the HDMI has both.

It must be possible because the iGPU HDMI port does have the sound through it. However, it is not 5.1 but only stereo.
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  1. Doubt the HDMI port from a GPU natively supports 5.1.......if it did, there would be less need for onboard sound cards on mainboards.
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  3. mdd is correct, you can only get stereo from HDMI. only option left is to get the video through HDMI and get the audio from your sound card and connect it to your 5.1 system.
  4. Ok, thank you.
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