Nividia Geforce 9100 Core Temp Question

Whats the average Core Temperature of a Nividia Geforce 9100? Cause mines going at 63C idle, and 87C while gaming.
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  1. That's still normal, start worrying when it goes to 90+'C...
    make sure your card is clean and free from dust, re-apply the thermal paste should help a lot...
  2. The Geforce 9100 is integrated graphics that is part of the Nvidia chipset on the motherboard. Its temperature is the same as system (chipset) temperature.

    If it's a dedicated graphics card, please check its model number again. The dedicated Geforce 9xxx series GPUs actually have a maximum GPU temp of 105°C.

    In any event, your temp's are nothing to worry about as of now. Like wa1 said, we'll worry if it hits 90+
  3. Ahh, thanks guys lol. I was getting scared there with it going 85C+
  4. Hi - I don't play any games on my computer, but I do notice that ever so often my frame rate drops on my computer. I thought at first it was my RAM or processor speed but those are never high in terms of usage. (I have 6GB RAM and quad core processor) . I downloaded a CPUID Hardware Monitor software and it has three columns.

    Value Minimum Max
    123 Celsius 64 Celsius 125 Celsius.

    You said you would be worried if the temp goes to 90+C... what is causing it do go that high? Is there something I can do to lower the temperature?
  5. The Geforce 9100 is known to overheat.. Its a crappy integrated graphics card and since has been discontinued. I added a fan over the heatsink in which the graphic gpu resides. that has fixed the issue for me and should also for you as well.
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