Team Xtreem Dark series problems

Hi, forum!

I'm posting about a very annoying problem with my RAM.
Here's the situation:

I had 2x1Gb Team Xtreem Dark DDR2 1066MHz modules and I bought another pair of the same to upgrade. The thing is that once I install the second pair, the pc either won't boot or it won't complete the memory benchmark in Sandra (might also give random BSODs).

I run 3 passes of standard memtest86 on my old pair alone and it passed with no errors at all.
I did the same to the new pair alone and it also passed with no errors.
But when I installed them together memtest showed 10 errors on the first pass!

My rig:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 @ 3.3GHz (overclocking can't be the problem cause I tried everything both with defaults and custom settings)
Team Xtreem Dark DDR2 1066 5-5-5-15

all tests run with latest memtest86 and Sandra Lite versions.

Any suggestions/corrections are highly appreciated cause this thing's driving me nuts...

Thanks guys!
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  1. Are you running the old pair as dual channel? Or could you have mixed them up and have a new one and old one trying to run in dual channel?
  2. well I tried both but no luck...
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