Samsung Syncmaster MD230X3+$200 for 3x30"?

I was recently offered an exchange for my 3x30" Crossover 30Q5 Pro monitors for the Samsung Syncmaster MD230X3 (3x23") + $200.

I am not concerned pricewise. It is the same.

3x30" gives a total of 7680x1600 res in Eyefinity. 3D apps run well.

3x23" gives a total of 5760x1080 res in Eyefinity.

Do you think (spec/price/performance) it is a fair swap?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. if you happy with it's performance then go with it... :)
    Do you want 3D vision? If yes then stay with your current monitors, if not, well you can swap them...
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