580W XPower Light for 8800gts

:hello: Ok first thing the PSU brand may not be recognized by most of you and you may say don't buy it. However this will easily power my system (Q8200, 8800gts 640, 4GB RAM) It has 52A on the 12v rail and the 580W is more than enough.

Here our its specs.

High effciency 580W power supply
Supports the latest specifications of ATX12V and EPS12V
Supports systems with multi-core CPU technologies
Features ''Super Silent & Ultra Cool'' thermal-control
12cm blue LED cooling fan
Ultra-quiet technology for very low noise operation and optimal cooling design for the gamer (<25dB at 80% load)
Honeycomb ventilation design ensures maximum airflow
Duel PCI-Express connectors support multiple high-end GPU graphics cards (SLi)
Independent output circuitry for each voltage output, overcomes the limitations of traditional combined output designs
Over-Voltage Protection (OVP)
Over Power Protection (OPP)
Short-Circuit Protection (SCP)

It is £50. At the price it must have some quality capacitors and components inside.

I would like to hear some thoughts on this. Thanks.
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  1. If it's not OCZ, antec, seasonic, or corsair I usually don't buy it. That is my personal opinion. I'm certain there are comparable PS's from these brands at the same price, that have reviews you can read. Besides, you can probably afford (power wise) a smaller PS than 580W. A good 450W PS would push your system easily
  2. Thanks for the tip. However it gives me headroom for the future. 52A is alot!
  3. Bad news, its a HEC unit, so you definitely cannot just add up those rails. Check out its product page and notice that under the 3 12V rails it lists a combined power of 360W, not the 624W that 52A would give you which wouldnt be at all right for a 580W unit.

    30A on the 12V rail(360W) is good for a 400 or 450W unit, but not good for a 580W unit, i also wouldnt get one of the cheapo HEC units. The lack of APFC restricting it to 230V is also not encouraging, i would really suggest looking into another brand.

    Where are you buying from?
  4. Its from Maplin an electronic store in the UK.


    Thankyou for your good technical advice. First of what does HEC stand for?

    So is 30A the true 12v current? Why would it say 52A?

    Thanks for your reply.
  5. HEC is a manufacturer of computer accessories, mainly pc cases and power supplies. I wouldn't say they are the worst in the world. I've used some of their cases and power supplies in my builds, but, their lower end products really are lower end.
  6. 30A is the max current it can provide at 12V, it doesnt say 52, it says 16A for 12V1, 20A for 12V2 and 16A for 12V3, which means that if you try to pull more than 16A from 12V1 or 12V3 it will trip OCP and shut off, and if you try to pull more than 20A from 12V2 it will shut off. In almost all units all of the 12V power is provided by a single source that cannot power all of the rails at once.

    Think of it like water, you have a well that can provide 30 liters/minute, 2 hoses that can use 16 liters/minute each and another that can use 20 liters/minute, if you turn one of them all the way on its fine, but if you try to use all the water from even two of them the source cannot keep up. With a PSU, if the source cannot keep up either it shuts down or it tries hard and over heats and damages itself.
  7. that is not a very good psu. look for something from seasonic, antec, corsair, or a good brand like that.
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