WD MyPassport - 1TB Drive Problems

Hi All,

My WD 1TB passport drive (MYPassport) won’t get mounted / recognized in Windows / Linux any where.

What happens is :

It spins, I can feel it when I put my hand on top of it but it won’t get detected in windows at all. After a few seconds, I can hear a creeeeek sound – which repeats every few seconds, very light sound but it does sound.

Any suggestions ? this drive had some very old memories on it and I was happy to get this drive and backed up four old usb drives onto it and gave the other ones away to my cousins for their own personal use.

I then opened the drive (Out of the case) only to find out that the USB thing is fixed to the drive and it has no SATA interface I can try to mount it in a computer.

Someone advised to get the same drive (brand-new) and get the parts changed from a technician they know who is good with hard-drives, do you think this would allow me to get my data back ?

It has a lot of old photos, some music and personal projects which I would very much want back !!

Most grateful for your reading and your suggestions !
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  1. "I was happy to get this drive and backed up four old usb drives onto it and gave the other ones away"

    You were not really backing up those four old drives if you gave them away. After you gave them away that meant you had no backups. All you had was one drive with those files on it. That was a big mistake.

    The problem of an external hard drive having a non-standard, proprietary interface is not uncommon. That's why many people buy the enclosure and the hard drive separately to be sure that the interface on the drive is standard, as is the connector inside the enclosure.

    Buying the same model external drive and getting a techy friend to swap the necessary bits over is your best bet.
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