Need CPU/Motherboard/RAM/PSU advice

I just bought a superclocked GTX 570, and I guess it's about time to upgrade the rest of my outdated components.

I'm sure many people have already done "the work" already, so I'd like some advice on a performance geared setup/OC-ing, without breaking the bank (I don't need the *most* expensive stuff)

So, I need to upgrade

Motherboard (was leaning towards X58)

I *might* go with an SLI setup, so I guess I should have a system that can handle it.


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  1. Go for the Sandy Bridge..Everyone agrees it is price performance the best..
  2. ^
    I agree, and make sure to get the P series motherboards not H
  3. Ok, thx for the info. Can you guys suggest specific motherboards and cpu's ? (like model numbers, stepping, etc) - best for performance, reliability, OC-ing, etc.
  4. Hmm cant quite say for the mobo since not many are out yet, but for the CPU you want an unlocked one, either the I7 2600k which is around $300 or the I5 2500k which is (i think) $216. The K at the end stands for unlocked
  5. Ahh, how long do you estimate for more boards to come out?
    What's the designation for these motherboards? (I mean, chipset, and socket #, etc).
  6. Sunday, and you want a P67 mobo not H67, those are the two new mobos that can use Sandy Bridge, also the socket is called LGA 1155
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