Can ati radeon 3200 hd support for games

i have ati radeon 3200 hd grahic card and its run in windows ram is 3gb.
but when i play any games it is very lag...i dunno what is the problem....anyone please c
an help me!!!
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  1. The HD3200 is onboard graphics built into your motherboard. It is intended for general computer use and not really gaming. It will handle games that are a few years old pretty well but for current games you really need an actual video card.
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    HD 3200 is a low-end card,so don't expect running games on good settings with it.(It can play most new games on low resolutions with low settings)
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    You can add a cheap pcie card to your PC, even the low-end card like HD5670 or GT240 are MUCH better than HD3200 onboard.
  4. I wouldn't recommend Hybrid Crossfire at all, it doesn't make a huge difference in performance.
  5. dualblade said:
    you can get a cheap graphics card and run both in hybrid crossfire.

    Did you actually look at those benchmarks before making the suggestion? It shows the setup your are recommending getting unplayable frame rates at low resolutions in games that are now a couple of years old.
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