Ati cards better w/ amd?

Hello, i have a amd phenomx4 3.4 965 BE with a 880gigabyte (not sli compatiable) board and a evga 460gtx i was wondering if a ati video card would be the way to go, and if so i would want to go with something that will give me more performance than the 460. Any suggestions? oh yea i have a 750watt antec plus 80 and my computer is for mmo's nothing else. thank you for any ideas :)
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  1. I think the only ATI card that would have given you better performance,within the price range, is a 5850, and that is quite a bit higher in price. For the 200 dollar price range you can't beat the GTX 460 768 MB version, and for the 230 dollar price range you can't beat the GTX 460 1GB version, this doesn't make a difference if you have Intel or AMD.

    Now is your motherboard Crossfire? If so you might have been better off geting a single 5830, and a 5830 in the future when needed...
  2. thanks. yes my mobo is crossfire, and i have the 460gtx 1gig atm
  3. You will be happy with your GTX 460, there isn't much you can do now that you have it, depending on were you got it. If you can max out the games you play at the resolution you play at you are fine.
  4. You won't be able to get another nVidia and SLI it with that setup, which would have been possible had you gone the ATI way. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean the 460 was a bad choice, it just refrains you from using dual nVidia's in future. You can always sell the 460 (if you're not happy with its performance, which is unlikely) and get a 5850, 5770. But then, you can always save up later, sell the 460 and get a 470 which is an awesome card too!

    So it's not a loss if you consider it. There are options, depending what resolution you wanna game at.
  5. Alright thanks again, yea i just want to be able to run ffxiv on 1080p with high settings and smooth fps. Although guess we wont know for sure till it comes out next month. :)
  6. I normally decide before I chose which board to by if I want SLI or Xfire. MSI make chipsets that support AMD cpu and SLI. I would also take into account if the game I want to play supports nVidia's Physx then an nVidia will be the better card. GTX 460 is a great card and won't have any problem with your setup.
  7. Why don't yu try this benchmark tool?

    See where you stand...?
  8. Yeah I totally forgot about FF benchmark, I guess I don't pay much attention to it before its not to great and as far as I know still SLI/CF capable, however it should give the OP an idea of what to expect for sure.
  9. i score 4600ish on low and 2600ish on high
  10. So that's just about ok-ish on high. Well, then you're better off running the game on medium settings with you present setup.
  11. yea im gonna wait and see what the game is all about when it comes to running on my specs then if im not happy with it on high you think a 5850+ card will give me a boost in fps over the 460?
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