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9800gtx keeps shutting off

Randomly while I play certain games my video card will just shut off. Shutting off the computer or going into sleep will fix it.

The temperature stays at a stable 70 degrees, so that can't be the problem.

Another thing to note is around a year or so go my card just died, so I reflowed it and it worked again. This happened every 1-2 months, but reflowing it would fix it each time. However, the last time this happened was probably back in May or so and the same signs that it's happening again have not popped up.

In fact, this issue basically started when I reformatted about a month ago after purchasing my new HD. It never happened before then, so I doubt it's the PSU.

Today I actually had the problem, but then instantly it came back and gave me this error:
Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

Any idea of what's going on?
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  1. Time to upgrade that GPU, me thinks?? Is that a possibility? If so, then give us your budget and system specs.
  2. I don't believe I'm in the market for a new one quite yet. This problem ONLY happens when I game, and only about once every 2-4 hours. I can't even say that because it's completely random. Sometimes I'll get it after 10 minutes of a game, sometimes I'll play for hours and not get the blackout.

    Either way, this is what I'm running:
    Core 2 Duo 6750
    9800GTX 512MB
    4GB 667 RAM
    Windows 7 64bit
    2x Samsung Spinpoint, no raid

    Motherboard is a pretty cheapo part but it's never caused any problems before. I think this thing will last me at least another 1-2 years since I built it in January of 2008, and still runs everything at mostly high settings.
  3. Maybe a loose connection/ point. Have you tried taking the card out, tightening things around and putting it back in?
  4. I'll try that. Either way, if that were the case it wouldn't come back on when I restart.
  5. Might be bad drivers. Try reinstalling them after you do a complete clean uninstall.
    Also sounds like your cad is simply running its course. If you had to reflow it multiple times, you're better off with a newer and more stable card.
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    You've reflowed more then once, get crashes with Nvidia driver error messages, and you don't think you need a new card? Even the ~$100 5750 would be faster then your current card, and use less power as well. Its time for a new one my friend.
  7. I'm going to try new drivers and see if that helps, but I'm pretty sure my drivers are up to date. I'm almost positive it's just that the card is old and crappy so I may buy a new one at some point, but right now it's not happening frequently enough to be much of a nuisance. If it bugs out again, I'm probably just going to buy a new one though instead of reflowing it for a 4th/5th time.
  8. Just saw your tread. Having a similar problem with my 9800 GTX. After speaking to xfx support, I am almost sure that it is a hardware defect. Time to buy a new video card!

    Looking forward to suggestions in this thread

    also in my thread

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