Ati Drivers slipping ?

Firstly this is NOT a thread about how good or bad ATI drivers are compared to Nvidia. So please stick to the question :D
Anyone else think that maybe ATI are spending to much time concentrating on performance and not enough on overall functioning/stability ?
It could just be me but it seems that there are more and more issues creeping in, to the point where im treating the GPU like a motherboard and really dont want to update the drivers unless there is a really must have feature added.
Going back all through the 8 and 9 series drivers there seemed to be less reporting of buggy drivers and there wasnt a driver i wouldnt use or had to roll back.
Is this just me being lucky ?

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  1. Just move from 9.7 to 10.8 yesterday...
    All games are good, nothing's changed, i mean seems like no increase or reduce in term of performance, clock speed or temps, they are all the same like before...
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