Seagate compatibility with amd processor and gigabyte board

are seagate hard disks compatible with amd processor and gigabyte board....mine is gigabyte ga 78 LMT S2PT mothrboard and both of my seagate hard disk are haing d same problem again and again....pls some1 hlp me....
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  1. It should be compatible -- which ´seagate hard disk´ are we talking about?
  2. barracuda....1 tb
    i hav 2 of them..both old and new ones having the same makes a ticking noise every now and then specially when i transfer any data and my system hangs fr a some seconds.

    although it doesnt act in d manner mentioned above all the works fine for a couple or months or so..and then starts acting like i between it works alright.....

    thanx jemm
  3. How have you set them in the Bios?

    Anyway, can you tell us if the noise they make would be more like the mechanical parts noise at wprk, or does it sounds like something is [almost] broken?
  4. ffirst of all....thanx again dear as far as d noise i think its not mechanical noise cuz earlier i havent heard this kind of noise....its more like a strong or VERY hard TICK SOUND....and i dnt hav much idea about bios setting
  5. So it sounds like a mechanical part faulty? I mean it is not like a normal mechanical work, eh?

    Get into the Bios, and see how they are set - Raid, etc.
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