Best graphic solution for a 400$

hi every one
what is the best graphic setup i can have for a 400$....? for gaming

i didn't bought a mobo yet.... so it doesn't matter if the setup include a single card or a multiple cards (sli,crossfire) ... u may also recommend me a mobo.

the less heat and noise for the setup the better for me....i'v lost 2 cards ( 8800gts 640 mb & 6800 256 mb ) coz of that..... thanks
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  1. 400 dollars for the whole computer or just the graphics cards?

    Dual GTX 470 768mb, I guess would be the best for $400.

    EDIT - Obviously I meant GTX 460.
  2. Helltech said:

    Dual GTX 470 768mb, I guess would be the best for $400.

    Where would he/ anyone get 2 GTX 470's in 400 bucks? I think you may have meant dual GTX 460's

    To the OP:

    Like Helltech said, is the budget only for the cards or for the whole rig or for some more parts n stuff? Let's have your requirements and also, what resolution you plan to game on...
  3. 400$ for the vga cards only.... and as last time i checked 2x 470 gtx will cost 600 $ :(.........1280x1024 for the res...thanks both namelessonz & helltech
  4. 2 GTX 460's (768 mb) in SLI them will be the best option! Of course, keep in mind that they will suck a bit of power, so you'll need a PSU hefty enough to handle them. You'll also need a mobo which will support SLi. If you can opt for two 460's, it'll cost you about 50-60 bucks more, but well gonna be worth it!!

    MSI 460

    Are you gonna be happy with just one card? In that case, get the GTX 470

    Asus at 294:

    MSI for 349 (my favourite! :))

    That would keep the temp's under control. MSI's cooling is really good!

    At your resolution, a 1gig card would be overkill. So, yes....two 460's with 768 MB would do you good! :) Your best bet, imho...
  5. You do not need anything like the setups mentioned above. Your resolution is very low by today's standards. The most you should consider in my opinion is an HD5770 which will be fantastic for that resolution. You'll see little benefit from more powerful/expensive cards.
    If you have $400 to spend I would recommend a GTX 460 1gb and a new monitor;
    Get a motherboard that allows for SLI so you can use 2 in the future for performance similar to an HD5970.
    If you can afford a bit more then grab a GTX 470. This one comes with 3 free games and has a $30 rebate so it is a nice deal;
  6. thanks man!........ :).... i'll consider that.... what about the ati radeon hd 5000 series .... i read that they produce less heat and noise and also less power consumption ..... like 5870 or two 5770 ...any idea?
  7. thnx.......jyjjy.......great info
  8. The HD5870 isn't a very good card for the money imo. If you overclock it is only marginally better than the much cheaper HD5850(same applies to the GTX 480 vs GTX 470.) If heat/power/noise are a large concern for you then the HD5850 is a good choice although in terms of performance for the money the GTX 470 has it beat at the moment but it is very power efficient for its performance. This one would be a good choice as it has very effective and quiet cooling and allows for voltage increases of the core for the best overclocking;
    It has some poor reviews but most have to do with issues with the overclocking software that have since been cleared up.
  9. FYI this GTX 470 is only $270 with promo code EMCYWNV49
  10. Yeah, I've seen that before and it goes against every other review you might find basically so I wouldn't take it too seriously. Take a look at some GTX 460 reviews as they will be the most current and should usually include benchmarks with all the cards you are considering.
    Something to keep in mind if you are considering a dual card set up now or in the future is that SLI tends to scale much better that crossfire.
    I would probably recommend just going with the GTX 460 1gb and a new monitor. Especially if you overclock even just one card will do quite well at that resolution and when you have the money to add another you'll get amazing performance. Here is an article on two GTX 460s vs an HD5970;
    An HD5970 is two underclocked HD5870s on one card if you didn't know.
  11. okyz,,,,,got the point :)....thanks
  12. probably.... i can push it to get 2x 460 GTX sli now.... or should i get a single 470GTX .... and get another one later?? ........ can some one provide the best vga cooling way? and if i'm going to the 460 GTX option ..... which brand?

    btw 2x 460 GTX sli .... i would need a 650 w psu ? right
  13. So I guess we're back to my suggestions(?)! :P

    A single GTX470 would be a great choice imo.

    Dual 460's would be overkill at that resolution, unless you're planning to upgrade the monitor/ resolution. Your monitor resolution will be a huge deciding factor! If you want to see great performance from your SLI setup, consider pushing your resolution to 1680x****. That's where the cards will perform.

    As for the PSU, 650W would be more than enough. Have a look at this:,2694-10.html

    But make sure you get a good brand! Antec, Corsair, CoolerMaster...something on those lines.
  14. A 650w of a good brand would be enough for SLI GTX 460s but I wouldn't put Coolermaster on the list of good brands.
    As for 2 GTX 460s vs a GTX 470 and possibly another later... that is something you are really going to have to decide for yourself. Honestly if you get one GTX 470 there is a very good chance you'll decide that that is more than enough for now which will save you $150+ and you also won't have to deal with any SLI scaling or compatibility issues. On the other hand SLIed GTX 460s are just really fast and a good deal. It's up to you really.
    Nameless brought it up again but I'd like to clarify. What we are discussing are high end set ups intended for high resolutions. This discussion only makes sense in context of a 1080p monitor or better. Even at 1680x1050 a GTX 470 is quite a large amount of overkill.
  15. ..... okyz...... then a a single 470 GTX would do just fine+a new monitor ....... and getting another one later would be .... considering a psu for a future sli with 2 470 ........ 650 w or should a go for more?........ and which brand should i go for.... ( evaga-msi-asus-pny-gigabyte) ? and the cooling for the whole case ..... and the vga cards.... i know i'm asking too much :)... thanks
  16. Sorry about my first post, I meant SLI 460, I even said 768mb version :P It was just a typo, anyway...

    For Brand, just go with the cheapest, what ever Jyjjy linked.

    I would go for a 750w PSU if you were going to SLI 470s in the future. Good brand obviously, Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, PC Power and Cooling.
  17. Yeah, you want at least a 750w of one of the brands helltech mentioned, or Antec would be good as well.
    This combo is a nice deal even though the PSU is overkill;
  18. ^+1

    750 on the safer side, yes!

    As for the GPU brand, I would recommend MSi. If not, then Asus, EVGA or XFX. They're all brilliant brands! I like MSI because of their cooling. In order of (my) preference, MSI>Asus>EVGA>XFX
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