What is a GOOD CPU Temperature?

I have a i7 950, and a Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 cpu cooler, right now when I use HD tune pro, it says the temp of my cpu is 33 Degrees Celsius, when I convert that, that is 91 Degrees Fahrenheit, isnt that really really hot for a CPU? Or No?

Because when I think 91 degrees, thats blazing hot in the sun in real life...
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  1. No, that isn't hot at all and is about normal is most circumstances. How hot does it get when fully loaded?

    As of now, you have NOTHING to be concerned about at all.

    Good luck!
  2. 33 is about the temp of your skin. so no not too hot.
  3. 33 is absolutely fine.

    My CPU throttles itself when the temperature hits 72+ Celsius, which gives you an idea of what CPUs can usually tolerate.
  4. I have the same CPU, and your temps are fine. You should only start worrying if you see your temps go 80+ Celsius (on load).
  5. Considering a modern CPU probably has a much higher heat dissipation per square centimetre than a radiator you kind of have to expect it to get a little warm :D
  6. it's all relative though.. 91 degrees fahrenheit outside may feel hot to us.. but for a silicon and metal based cpu, it's actually pretty cool
  7. 70 C is on the upper edges of safe for an i7-950.
  8. My Dell Dimensions 2400 sits at 113 F - 133 F
  9. My new i7-2600k is getting temps of 70-65c is this okay? This is while its not loaded.
  10. Only if you have a very, very high ambient temperature. Those are high idle temperatures.
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