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Hey Guys

I recently had the intrest of converting my current PC to a Workstation since I do alot of 3D work aswell as Compositing and Rendering. I use Autodesk Maya 2009 and After Effects CS3 mostly. (I also play some games when I get the chance...)

So I decided to buy a nVidia Quadro FX580 (replacing my HIS IceQ4 HD4850 1Gb) since 3D cards are WAY better than graphics cards. (So im told..)

I put the card in, turned on Maya, did some physics simulations and WOW, this card was slower than my HD4850, even with its 18 CUDA cores!

Please tell me what im doing wrong. I have a feeling I should'nt have sold that HD4850. I spent loads of research only to find that this card sucks! Am I not activating something? Is my machine to slow? (probably is). What are the main parts for a Workstation? Do I buy from a specific brand? Someone in the same field as I am...PLEASE show me the light!!

Any advice would help.

PC Specs:
GA-945GCM Series2 Mobo
Intel Core2Duo 1.8Ghz
3Gbs RAM
nVidia Quadro FX580
iSonic 500w PSU
Windows XP Service Pack 2

(I know its slow!! But Im working on it, still studying aswell.)
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  1. Well the FX580 is a very inexpensive entry level productivity card, I would not have expected much of a difference at all over a 4850, though I wouldn't have thought it would perform much worse. Yes, you could also use a little more horsepower in the CPU department. 1.8ghz is like, well, like laptop speed. Pretty low for a workstation.
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